Laser therapy (“Light Amplication Stimulated Emission of Radiation”) is one of the most effective and least painful treatment methods.
Since the introduction of the laser into dentistry, it is hard to imagine a practice equipped with high-quality equipment without it.
It is a non-invasive and very precise tool that allows the treatment and elimination of disease-causing bacteria, underlining our patients’ desire to benefit from precise and gentle procedures.

If the health of the oral cavity is disturbed, this can lead to a chronic inflammation, called periodontitis, in which bacteria and fungal pathogens take over.

In this case, HELBO therapyis indicated for the treatment of this condition.

HELBO therapyis used together with a dye and laser lightand is characterised by its painless and quick application.
It is a purely local therapy to destroy the bacteria and fungi that cause inflammation, and no side effects are to be expected.

Three steps to a good balance in the oral cavity:


1.After a previous tooth cleaning, a blue dye solution is applied to the affected infected areas. The dye solution is then activated by irradiation with soft laser light.

2.The combination of the light-active dye solution and the laser light produces highly reactive oxygen that leads to the destruction of bacteria and fungi.

3.This enables your body to restore a natural and healthy balance.
In addition, studies show that the laser light also has a pain-relieving effect on the treated areas and promotes wound healing.



Treatment of periodontal disease: antibacterial and healing effect on gingival and bone inflammation.
Implantology: treatment of infections around the implant.
Detection of carious lesions.
Treatment and disinfection of root canals.
Targeted tooth whitening.

Patient comfort is enhanced by laser therapy


Rapid tissue regeneration and healing.
Reduction of postoperative complications.
Reduction of postoperative sensitivities.