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We are the specialists in dental aesthetics in Cannes.

The clinic

In a unique ambience, we have combined the latest technology with an atmosphere of expanse and increased competence in localized dental treatment.
The overall rehabilitation of your smile and dental aesthetics are our specialties
We’re here to find the best solution for your mouth.


In good hands
In our practice, we strive to offer our patients innovative dentistry in a modern atmosphere.
The progressive development of new digital technologies in dentistry as well as the research of new materials enable us to offer reliable and highly aesthetic treatment.

Our entire team is fully dedicated to your well-being and is committed to giving you the time and attention you need to ensure that you receive adapted and personalised treatment in the spirit of excellence!

Step by step to the smile of your dreams.

First, we conduct a thorough planning and discussion with you.

At this meeting, your wishes and expectations are discussed individually. Then we take a digital impression with the help of an intraoral scanner. This analysis serves as the basis for further planning. In addition, an X-ray is taken, photos are taken and then a complete facial analysis is carried out. Our aim is to discuss every step with you and create transparency so that you are able to make decisions in every respect. With the help of digital technologies, we can then digitally design and modify the later result.

Our team

Dr Slim Haffani
Dr. of Dental Surgery


Master's degree in biological and medical science.
Certificate for in-depth studies and research in oral implantology.
D.U. Restorative and Aesthetic Dentistry University of Marseille.
D.U. Biomaterials and Implant Systems. University of Bordeaux.
D.I.U. in Clinical Endodontics. University of Nice.
Member of the Society for Digital Dentistry.

Dental treatment

Esthétique dentaire

Do you have teeth that have yellowed over time or from coffee or tobacco and that bothers you? Think about teeth whitening techniques to make you a beautiful white smile.


Dental veneers represent an ideal solution to have a beautiful smile. They allow you to correct all the imperfections of your smile in order to make it more secure and attractive. Many questions arise.


Prophylaxis is defined as "all the means implemented to prevent the onset of a disease". To prevent dental diseases like cavities, inflammation of the gums and periodontitis, proper prophylaxis is extremely important.


Laser therapy ("Light Amplication Stimulated Emission of Radiation") is one of the most effective and painless methods of treatment.

Invisible orthodontics

This is a very innovative orthodontic technique, which relies on the use of alignment trays, also called "aligners", made to measure according to the morphology of each patient.

Dental implant

When one or more teeth are missing, and you want to rebuild your teeth or replace a tooth, a dental implant may be the solution for you. Implants are generally a good alternative

Digital dentistry

We work in our office with great precision and on the basis of the latest technologies. Optical impression taking using the Trios 3 shape camera, so we differentiate ourselves from conventional and traditional methods. This means that impression materials are hardly ever used in our practice.

3d navigation in implantology

To minimize surgical risks and ensure maximum safety for surgical procedures, particularly in implantology, we plan with 3D technology.