Digital impression

We work in our practice with great precision and on the basis of the most modern technology.

We take the impression with the help of the intraoral camera Trios from 3Shape.

This means that we can dispense with traditional and conventional impression methods.
The CAD/CAM process “computer-aided design and computer-aided manufacturing” is a proven, durable, fast and reliable method for restoring teeth.

This technology gives your smile a natural glow by restoring the form and function of your teeth.
The construction of the restoration is instantaneous and you can follow the restoration process in a virtual 3D animation.
Using a LYRA MILL 4-axis milling machine, your dentist will machine a ceramic block with enamel-like properties in just a few minutes.
The ceramic restoration, which is shaped like a work of art, is then painted and polished before being attached to your tooth as an inlay or crown.


In implantology, too, digital impressions enable precise planning of the desired restoration. With the latest computer programmes, we are able to combine digital data with your 3D scan.

In this way, the planned position of the implant to be placed can be planned even better in advance.