We offer very thin ceramic veneers (0.3 mm) that are bonded to the surface of your own tooth using a special bonding technique.

Veneers can be used to restore optimal aesthetics to the entire set of teeth and a radiant white smile. Any imperfections in your smile can be corrected to achieve a harmonious and aesthetic result.

Should the teeth be reduced?


There are two possibilities:
If the tooth already has a reduced size, it is possible to position the veneer on the unprepared tooth without further reduction of the tooth structure. If the tooth is too far forward or damaged, the enamel thickness should be reduced (approx. 0.5 mm). This will allow you to have a smile with teeth in the right position without being too far forward.
These special veneers are called “no prep” or “prep less” veneers.
The latest generation resinous biological adhesives allow the veneer to be fixed very strongly without the risk of detachment during chewing.

When Do Veneers Improve The Smile?

In the case of
• Broken teeth
• Misaligned teeth
• Overlapping teeth
• Unsuitable shape, pointed canine, small incisors
• Diastema (space between teeth)
• Tooth gaps

• Protruding teeth
• Malformed teeth
• Colour and caries
• Malformed teeth
• Irregular teeth
• Permanent whitening of discoloured teeth

Before / after
Before / after

How Do We Get A Natural Result?

The natural result is the combination of several factors
• The translucency of ceramics as opposed to the opacity of metal-ceramic crowns
• The shape and proportion to the face
• Tooth shading and details that personalise your smile
• Each veneer is personalised according to the colour and texture of the skin, the shape of the face and the colour of the eyes
• The quality of the materials and the contribution of new digital technologies to the precision of the work make it possible to find the smile of your dreams