Invisible orthodontics


This is a highly innovative orthodontic technique, based on the use of aligners, also called “aligners”, which are custom-made according to each patient’s morphology. Worn for at least 22 hours a day, they exert pressure to gradually move the teeth according to the treatment plan defined by the orthodontist trained in this technique. Each mouthpiece is changed at regular intervals until the teeth are optimally positioned.


This system of custom-made transparent trays or aligners allows dental malpositioning to be corrected by the application of particularly low forces

Transparent trays


The main advantage of this orthodontic procedure is discretion. The transparent trays are almost invisible to outsiders. You can talk and smile with these trays without your family and friends noticing that you are wearing braces. Many adults refuse to have their misaligned teeth corrected because they fear the effects in their social and professional lives. For these people, the transparent aligner trays are particularly interesting.


The aligner trays also make it possible to avoid wearing fixed braces and have the advantage that they are removable. This means you can remove the brace between times, for example, to eat, drink or brush your teeth. However, you should make sure that you wear the trays for at least 22 hours a day to achieve the desired result.

The orthodontic splints are made of a soft and comfortable material that adapts perfectly to your teeth and the surrounding structures in your mouth. A smooth coating on the surface limits the risk of injury and bleeding, which are more common with metal braces (rings or “brackets”).


It is also a less onerous treatment protocol, which does not require too close medical consultations. A quarterly check-up is sufficient to supervise the good progress of the treatment. In addition, the final results are evaluated upstream using 3D technology.


Prior 3D virtualplanning is necessary to visualize the development and final result of your teeth.

No age limit and the duration of treatment varies between 3 to 18 months.